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Pros2Plan specializes in providing highly experienced people who have been there...done that...and done it well.

Our value in the staffing resourcing process is to not just provide a “pair of hands,” but to provide people who can bring the “lessons learned” to the table, and help provide insights to the project team...not just a technology skillset.
Our niche is in providing people that are experts in the technology solution required and also bring solid depth in the business process or vertical industry knowledge. The impact? Better “output” from the technology you are using to enable the business.
You can get a “pair of hands” almost anywhere these days.  What separates the “great” from the “mediocre” is initiative, communication, and experience. Technology skills are essential to be considered at Pros2Plan, but we take the time to ensure quality BEYOND technology skills alone.

What Separates the “Good” Consultant from the “Great” Consultant?

People Skills.


  • At Pros2Plan we look for strong people skills in all our resources, such as;
    Strong communication techniques
  • Ability to quickly acclimate into the company culture
  • Driven to take initiative to ensure success

Candidates are also rigorously screened internally and specifically vetted for the role. When we provide resources, we assure they have been technically screened for technology skills, reviewed for both written and presentation capabilities, and taken through a process level evaluation for industry knowledge and depth. Only once they pass those evaluations do we look at cultural fit.

We have the Pros to meet all your Plans