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Our 3-Step Toll-Gate process is what sets us apart from other recruiting specialists. Pros2Plan uses a 3-Step screening process before the candidate profile is ever presented to our clients. Pros2Plan provides the “Best Fit” person, not the “Best Available” candidate.


Pros2Plan guarantees quality, with speed and cost sensitivity. With over 20 years of recruitment experience we know how to find the hidden talent that is not necessarily found on the job boards.

Step 1: Source

  • Candidates are sourced from a global pool of people
  • Candidates sign non-disclosures and employment is validated
  • Candidates fill out extensive technical form that covers specific process and technology based on experience

Step 2: Screen

  • Candidates are then screened for general viability based on skill set, experience, cost, travel or relocation expectations
  • Candidates are then professionally reviewed by at least one of our subject matter experts to determine level of experience and capability
  • Once approved, reference checks are completed and cost models are initiated

Step 3: Solidify

  • Pros2Plan's resourcing process matches the Candidate with the client requirement
  • Any candidate > 80% fit is screened for potential submission
  • All approved candidates are then profiled with a calibrated resume geared towards each client need

Bottom Line: The Perfect Fit

We aren't satisfied until you are. The Pros2Plan goal is to provide the resource that is the best fit, not just provide the best available candidate.


The success stories of our clients and our consultants are our best reference and we want you to become one of our success stories.