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726317 Server/Data Extract Consultant with SAP HR & FI knowledge

Pros2Plan, a Spinnaker company is now hiring for a  Server/Data Extract Consultant with SAP HR & FI knowledge


Location: Canonsburg, PA


Duration: One week – approximately – 40 hours


Remote is a Possibility and off hours could be an option


Bill rate: Open

Travel Required:No
Location:Canonsburg, PA
Position Type:Contract
Desired Education Level:BS

Job Summary:


  • All the servers are decommissioned, but Client needs historical data stored on some of the servers
  • Consultant needed to access data on each server and evaluate or give options to export data (into flat files, excel)
  • There are 14-15 servers that are used only for historical information for SAP FI and HR. – None are production
  • SAP is no longer being used in the organization, but HR and FI occasionally use historic data, nothing new is added to these servers.  So saving information is needed for viewing historical information
  • Candidate is also required to help in identifying what these servers were used for, what was on them and how to pull data out and saved to file/place that if necessary can be viewed
  • Suggest best option to store historic data – extract from decommissioned servers to ie, to excel, flat files, of other file
  • Candidate needs to understand SAP HR and FI from the backend to find data and then figure out best way to identify data on servers, extract and save
  • Client is in the midst of moving a data center, and they are doing clean up and decommissioning old – historic data that is needed to be saved is only from SAP HR & FI modules
  • Data is not needed daily, only to review if necessary past historical data
  • Flexibility in terms of work hours, Remote VPN access a potential, on site not necessary, flexibility in terms of duration and hou